Russia is a bustling country. I visited Russia two years ago. We boarded our flight at 3am and landed in Dubai because it was a connecting flight. It took 18 hours to reach the destination. The distance between India and Saint Petersburg is 5800km.

How about unspoiled terrain  and calm waters ? Then the best place to visit is Saint Petersburg.

India is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Russia. We landed in Saint Petersburg when the local time was 8pm.From there we went to a mall. The climate was awesome because the highest temperature is 8 degree Celsius and, in the nights, it drops to  3 degree Celsius and someday it even went to minus. We stayed in hotel Holiday inn it’s the best hotel I stayed in. Saint Petersburg has 7 palaces. But we visited only 2 palaces  The summer and the winter palace. The architecture of St. Petersburg is so unique and ancient.


The Winter palace served as the official residence  of the Russian Emperors  from 1732 to 1917. As of 2021 the palace and its precincts form the Hermitage Museum. The Summer Palace of Peter the Great was built between 1710–1714 in the northeast corner of the Summer Garden, located on an island formed by the Fontanka river, Moyka river, and the Swan Canal.

Our tour guide  Tanya, showed us around the palace and told us fascinating history. The palace had the things the kings and queens used.

Military gallery of the winter palace 

The gallery is a setting for 332 portraits of general who took part in the patriotic war in 1812.There we noticed  empty photo frames , our tour guide Tanya asked us what do u think is the reason  that its empty.

We tried guessing and, in the end, she said they died during the war so they couldn’t portrait them.


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