Hello my beautiful readers, i hope your having a marvellous day and to all the people reading this i just wanted to let you know that today i started my own blog because i felt like it was really needed and everyone deserved to see it and pick a leaf from it.

Many of us are struggling with self acceptance and i feel like all this is rooted to something either conveyed in our past or our future, everyone has to take a break and sit down, drink a cup of coffee or your favourite drink and face this world head on with your head held high. Tomorrow is definetly not promised but it can be changed before its too late.

Many of us struggle with accepting ourselves but i feel like we should all learn that we are this way for a beautiful reason and God knew we were like this before anybody knew but still kept us alive because he accepted us for who we are and not for what the world wants us to be. I personally love and enjoy spending time to reflect on my life and what i love to do and am sharing this right now because i feel like we all need that moment to appreciate and do what makes us happy.

Today i would love to talk about jewelry, i personally am a jewelry fan and any moment i scroll through my instagram i look at these and they just change my day, sort of motivate me towards working hard to buy them. I personally love piercings and if y’all sitting down there and asking yourself if you should go for it (PS: YOU SHOULD). I love the earrings and rings as they are my favourite and my fav store to go to is Amazon. I just love it it has the best and affordable jewelry for me and i would  definetly  give a thumbs up to whoever is sitting there sulking, go get yourself a new pair of earrings and rock on like the beautiful person you are.

I would say this is a scary experience for me( that is  starting my own blog ) but i feel like people need to read this and finally see how beautifully imperfect they are. We all matter and everyone deserves to shower themselves in beauty and which better way to do it than jewelry.

Have  a beautiful day and please keep tuned in for my next post. I love you all and remember that you’re all worth it and DO NOT have to do anything to prove it.

And check out these links i have pasted, really must haves. Have a beautiful day lovelies.

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