Story Of My Life (Part 1)


hello there, I just want to tell you about my life when I was a kindergartener, my father worked in building, and my mother was the beak in caring for my siblings, and when my mother wanted to go abroad because my father’s salary was no longer enough to be a construction worker, he arranged his paperwork to work in Dubai, and my mother is still there.and until now, my mother has remained abroad, and my father has returned to work as a construction worker, earning the same as before and living with my siblings, so my mother wanted to work there to save for our future, and for us to finish our studies. Our mother was overjoyed when she learned that my brother had won a medal and honors in school, and that I am at the top of the class with excellent grades.doing well in school because it’s the only gift we will give our parents at the end of the day.


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