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Astroports are India’s first concept-based unique tourism and learning destinations that provide astronomy, space science, and Earth-based hands-on experience to its visitors. The concept of Astroport was developed in 2015 by Mr. Sachin Bahmba, the CMD and founder of the SPACE group of companies.

With over 19 years of experience in developing businesses in Astronomy Niche, Mr. Bahmba has been awarded STEM Entrepreneur of the year 2018.



Formed                          2015;

                5 years ago

Founder.                         Mr. Sachin


Headquarter                   New Delhi



The young amateur astronomers have access to all the necessary facilities and equipment such as an observatory, telescopes, binoculars, star charts, cameras, etc that are required for basic camp intermediary astronomical research.

Astroport which was initially developed for empowering Science and Astronomy among the school students and to ignite their curious minds is also open to the general public for the purpose of creating a scientifically aware community.

The strategically designed serene sites are located at some of the darkest locations possible in India, far away from the light pollution with a heavy twinkling sky above.  They are located near popular tourist attractions to ensure the mesmerizing experience of amusement, adventure & exposure in Astronomy learning and thus, making it a must-visit place for all ages/categories of travelers.

2.History- Space Group Developed the concept of ‘Astroport’ With such vast experience in the field, Space Group came up with the disruptive concept in tourism that provides astronomy and space science hands-on experience to its visitors. Astroport helps in the socio-economic development of the country particularly rural zones by promoting astronomy and space experience-based tourism at exquisite locations in zones of low light pollution.

3.Locations- All the Astroports have strategically been developed at some of the darkest locations in India, faraway  from the light pollution. We have 6 Astroports Pan India. Astroports offer perfect skies for an enchanting show of nature. Every Astroport has its unique excursions and a set of adventure activities combined with educational values. Whether it is ground-based space and science experience.

4.Education Camps-

5.Astronomy programs-

Astroports are built to provide not only the comforts and facilities of a ‘conventional’ tourist destination but also lead to exploring and learning through well researched and well-presented programs/activities. We have designed the various Astronomy programmes for imparting the basic knowledge about astronomy and space science. Along with imparting the conceptual knowledge

6.Model for sustainable developments-

Astroports has proven to become a center for socio-economic development providing employment, resources, technology, all kinds of utilities, and empowering opportunities to the people of the region due to their locations. Astroports are built in areas that have no/less light pollution and thus these locations have less access to all resources. When an Astroport is built in such a location, it leads to the development of the entire region and provides employment and development for the people of the region. Along with Astronomy and space science Astroport also aims to empower the people of that region. Astroports in its larger view also aims at creating entrepreneurs in the field of astronomy.

7.Collaboration and Partnerships





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