The Battle Of Bower Hill – 19 July 1794


Four days ago, one of the most violent clashes of this whole ordeal erupted.

On the 15th, a group of men attempted to assault the home, called Bower Hill, of John Neville, who is the inspector of revenue in this area. In the skirmish, Oliver Miller, the nephew of the man who originally called for the attack, was mortally wounded. Although they retreated that day, this steeled their resolve.

The next day, a larger group, comprising of 500-600 armed men went back to the house to attack it. They were met by Neville, some of his armed slaves, and about ten soldiers were requested to provide protection. This time, they succeeded, and burnt Bower Hill and its barn to the ground. The army officer, as well as another of the rebel leaders were killed in this engagement.

Overall, this is one of the gravest violent acts throughout this “Whiskey Rebellion.” Just how each of the previous incidents have surpassed those that came before them, this one has been worse, and more shocking to me personally, than all the others.


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