They are more powerful and more luxurious than BMWs. Alpina showed us their new ” toys”


On every day it is quite difficult to see them on the road, but when they appear, it is difficult to pass them indifferently. Alpina is a brand that produces cars based on BMW. They are even more powerful and exclusive. I had the opportunity to ride a few of the latest models. And now I know I’ve fulfilled one of my automotive desires.

Alpiny I knew until now, with posters and Wallpapers on the desktop. I knew enough about them, however, to get a taste of them before the trips they made around Warsaw. And quickly became convinced that these cars are for real connoisseurs.

What is Alpina?
Probably, most of you have at least heard the name, but it is worth presenting a few facts. Alpina is headquartered in Buchloe, about 70 km from Munich. It started out by remaking cars, but became an independent brand in 1983. Alpina works closely with BMW and it is no secret that the base of each of these cars are BMW components.

So in Buchloe, cars take on a whole new character. Change so that they are more powerful, even more comfortable and attractive. And, ultimately, the original VIN number is replaced by a brand new one.

Before the trips what I heard is that Alpina is such a higher level of dedication if it’s not about the BMW brand. And I think that phrase perfectly reflects the essence of the partnership of both companies. Alpiny are perfect, almost perfectly tailored cars for demanding customers.

But to the point
In Warsaw, six models were given into our hands, which we were able to carefully check. I decided I would start abruptly and quickly took a seat behind the wheel of the B5 Biturbo. Under its hood hides a double-supercharged V8 petrol engine with a capacity of 608 KM. the Torque is… 800 Nm. This combination allows you to accelerate to hundreds in 3.5 seconds.

When we went on tour, in addition to the strength on my arms (or rather my leg), I could enjoy the luxury this car offers. The aforementioned model is a car with a “monster” under the hood, but also a comfortable sedan with a sporty touch. The BMW Alpina B5 Biturbo is also remembered for its extremely precise steering. This car reacts to the slightest movement of the steering wheel. As, however, and all Alpiny, but in B5 Biturbo worked especially well.

We left the next kilometers behind us, and I finally moved on to the Alpina B4 S Biturbo. It is an alternative to the BMW M4. Has a sporty claw that feel from the first start of the engine. Tougher suspension, and that orange color … unfortunately, the track was so that this ” toy ” went the shortest. But, of course, it was no less comfortable than the previously described instance.

A real demonstration of the power and glamour I have in the BMW Alpina B7, which it adopts the style of the BMW 7 Series. Narrow headlights and huge “kidneys” are distinctive features of this car. And, of course, power. The B7 has an improved V8 twin turbo engine (4.4 l/608 HP/800 Nm), which maximizes the speed of 330 km/h.

After driving a few miles, I began to wish I had had the opportunity to travel on this colossus as a passenger in the rear. I would get comfortable and use all the gadgets available there.

The special ALPINA Sport + mode adjusts the entire vehicle, including the drive and suspension settings, with a single touch for maximum performance, reducing the height of the car by 15 mm. To test all the capabilities of this car, I will have to spend at least a few days with him. This is really a car for those who love glamour and attention.

For those who like to SUV-Ah, prepared two proposals: BMW Alpina XD3 and XD4, that is, models based on the BMW X3 and X4. These are cars with very similar parameters. Powered by a 3-liter 6-cylinder BMW diesel engine. We have available up to 388 HP and 770 Nm. The power unit is connected to an 8-race automatic.

Impressions of the drive? If someone had the ability to drive a “normal” X3 or X4, no great surprise would survive. Which doesn’t change the fact that this is the perfect car for those who like to sit taller, and alpina4sale by the way, travel very comfortably.

At the end I got behind the wheel, the station wagon, and in particular the BMW Alpina D5 S. This is completely not my style-the interior was clear, with elements reminiscent of wood. I can’t say, however, that I behaved badly in the car, and I certainly wasn’t bored. The 3-liter diesel with 388 HP and 800 Nm of torque does its job.

After a short trip, I didn’t become a fan of this car, but mostly because the other Alpina models fascinated me more. The D5 S will certainly be appreciated by drivers who move around every day and should have more space at the back.

So far, I have not written anything about the prices of the tested cars. And I did it consciously, because this time they are a secondary matter. If someone decides to buy Alpiny, it’s not a random customer. And he has money for it. Of course, it is considered that at least for the model B5 Biturbo you need to pay more than 700 thousand. PLN. In turn, Alpina B7 is already an expense of about 1.2 million rubles. In return, you get a unique car that stands out from the crowd, but above all meets expectations.