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East meets West in this sun-soaked state, where Indian culture intertwines with Portuguese influences left over from a 500-year occupation. The beaches have long serve to see and great environment. Goa is famous for resorts and different beaches to explore with great environment and fun with friends. Temples, mosques and wildlife sanctuaries provide diversions from the beach. There is a night party in the bars which experience great and can go above 21 years age.


1.Dudhsagar Falls

What is it? Dudhsagar, which translates to sea of milk Goa’s tallest waterfall with a height of 310 meters. It is natural marvel is tucked deep within the Western Ghat Mountains, not too far from the state’s border with neighbouring Karnataka.

Why go? Dudhsagar stands amidst dense forests that are rich with flora and fauna, and makes for one of South India’s most popular treks. You can also choose to skip the trek, and visit the area by car for a dose of Goan topography beyond palm tree lined beaches.

2. Artjuna Garden Café and Lifestyle shop

What is it? Housed in an old Portuguese villa, this café specialising in health food comes with a sprawling garden full of hammocks and mango trees. The attached lifestyle shop offers handcrafted jewellery and attractive drawings.

Why go? Artjuna is famous for many folks. It’s ideal if you’re seeking community; Artjuna is always drawing fun crowds with movie nights and other fun events. It’s also a great place to unwind solo with a green smoothie and a book, which you can borrow from their in-house library.

3. Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar

What is it? This night market comes to life every Saturday evening at 6pm. It’s partly a large, open-air party with live music and bars adding a great atmosphere to the score of stalls trading in goods of all sorts – cheap souvenirs, designer clothing, handicrafts, freshly ground spices and more.

Why go? Most of Goa’s finest boutique designers, restaurants and bars bring their best to you here, letting you sample a whole range of essential Goan experiences in a single night and browse handcrafted jewellery at the Cocoroots and Attractive things in market to see in Saturday night time in Goa cheap rates to buy it from here.

4.Mahadeva Temple, Tambdi Surla

What is it? This twelfth century temple is Goa’s oldest. It’s known for having survived the Goa Inquisition possibly due to its location within the secluded forests of the Western Ghat Mountains.

Why go? Dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva, this stone temple is remarkably quaint. It’s a treat for architecture lovers, featuring several basalt stone pillars and sculptures that show mythological figures as well as symbols traced to a local dynasty, the Kadambas, who ruled the area between the tenth and fourteenth centuries mahadeva temple.

5. Gunpowder

What is it? Easily one of Goa’s best restaurants. It serves hearty dishes from across India’s southern coast in a quirky and cheerfully colourful setting.

Why go? You can’t go wrong with a meal here. Try their legendary beef fry, or the masala prawn paired – a type of pancake made with fermented rice batter in the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They have plenty of delicious cocktails to go with your food and north Indians snacks and main course available too, often with Goa’s very own liquor which is light alcohol made by 10% like a fruit beer.



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