Top 10 Richest Peoples 2021


As investors, we all have an idle or

the influential personality that people

consider as real value investors and

learn from.

These real value investors have crossed

many hurdles to emerge as the wealthiest

businessman their burning passion within

and hard work took them to the so-called

ultimate success.

These hard-working business tycoons made

it to the top ten of Richie rich people

in the world aren’t you curious to sneak

into the list,

Number 10 Francoise Betancourt Myers

93.0 billion dollars.

We might know who the richest man in

the world is yet the answer to which woman

is the wealthiest is unfamiliar to many

and the answer is Francoise Bettencourt

Myers who resides in Paris being the

sole emperor of the French beauty domain

of l’oreal it wouldn’t be a big deal to

crack the record the empire was

inherited from her grandfather Eugene

Schuler the father of the

internationally famous beauty name

following her mother’s death, she managed

to develop the wealth to new phenomenal

numbers she was born in July 1953 and

didn’t like to be put under the spawn

light the billionaire wants to keep

a small circle of people and is quite

introverted she mostly avoids appearing

in front of the media and is a keen

piano player.

Number nine Warren Buffett

104.4 billion dollars

Warren Buffett is considered one of the

wealthiest people in the world and is

reckoned as a real value investor he has

been in the game for a while now and is

an essential player who is praised for

his business strategies and much more

at a very young age, he exhibited

curiosity in stock markets and shares

and began investing in the stock market.

Despite his revenue, he observes a modest

lifestyle and is better concentrated on

the charity works Warren’s life took an

unexpected turn when he inquired the

textile firm Berkshire Hathaway back in

1956 the confident businessmen have pledged

over 99 percent of the revenue to

philanthropic purposes by incorporating

with the bill gates foundation.

He has been motivating many investors

for generations by expressing his

business ideologies and philanthropy.

Number eight Sergey Brin

114.3 billion dollars.

Sergey along with Larry co-founded the

highly used search engine with

a significant number of the user base


In 2019 he left the parent company of

google named alphabet however he remains

as a board member controller and

shareholder of the company

Larry page a businessman in the top 10

Forbes list is a billionaire and

co-founder of google

the duo met at Sanford university where

they took advanced degrees in computer


Google came out as a public company in

2004 hence both the best friends shared their

ideas and algorithms to develop a

successful search engine.

The business tycoon is now focused on a

high-tech airship project and is a

significant founder or investor backing

the project he and the co-founder Larry

stepped down from google.

Number seven Larry Allison

117.5 billion dollars.

The American business magnate Larry

Ellison set up the company oracle in

1977 and prevailed as the company’s CEO

till 2014 September.

However, after 37 long years, Allison left

the company and still owns a crucial

share in the software giant company

through multiple acquisitions of various

companies the venture developed further

in a short time frame.

The most notable purchase of it was

Netsuite in 2016 which was worth 9.3

billion dollars

Larry has also transformed himself into

a part of the Tesla company by buying 3

million shares in 2018.

In 2012 he spent a fortune of 300

million dollars to purchase Hawaii

island to set up a luxurious spa

the venture is named Sensei.

The hotel has got a sophisticated

elegant design and concentrates on

recreation and fitness schemes would you

like to spend seventeen hundred dollars

per night to enjoy the luxurious ride if

yes take a trip to the beautiful

picturesque island where you will find

this grand spa.

Number six Larry Page

118.3 billion dollars.

We can’t deny the significant role of

Google in our daily lives it has

transformed into an inevitable part of

our routine and has been helping us in

many areas for quite some time now.

Larry is highly attached to the company

being the co-founder of the venture he

founded it with Sergey Brin in 1988.

The duo took the firm to its recently

seen zeniths crossing many hurdles

Google went public in 2004 and the rest

of the story is history.

Larry also works as the founding

investor in planetary resources a

project designed by the space

exploration company the market

capitalization of google is

1845.74 billion dollars.

Planetary Resources has a market

capitalization of 3.98 million dollars

in may 2018 he donated a considerable

amount of 200 million dollars to the

Californian-based cancer center to help

needy people, he has also shown great

interest in many charitable causes and

is also reckoned as a philanthropist.

Number 5 Mark Zuckerberg

130.4 billion dollars.

Facebook has helped people across the

globe to stay connected to their loved

one’s friends and family crossing the

limits of boundaries and countries over

a decade.

The billionaire and his team have

adopted the most utilized social media

platforms like Whatsapp and Instagram

reels which boosted his all-around

wealth the world is right before you.

In this century and can be accessed through

a single touch on your smartphone

as it has become a part of our lives and

as the sector has grown incredibly

acquiring these platforms serves.

As the best decision, he has ever taken

Zuckerberg was once the youngest

billionaire and he began facebook at the

age of 19 back in 2004.

The company took off and became public

in 2012 and grabbed a vast user base due

to effortless accessibility and

comfortable layouts that the users can

easily discern.

Facebook now has over 2.80 billion

active users.

Number four Bill Gates

130.8 billion dollars.

Bill Gates is a man who has gained wide

recognition due to his business


The business tycoon is praised for his

proficiency in bringing the software

giant Microsoft to great heights.

Bill Gates has a beautiful and

remarkable investor portfolio set and he

manages to invest in startups that have

the potential to make some substantial

growth in the future.

He is reckoned as a great philanthropist

and possesses the world’s distinguished

charitable firm the Bill and Melinda

gates foundation.

The foundation has given out a massive

the amount for philanthropic endeavors

worldwide he holds various health and

eco-friendly energy stock shares making

him one of the prosperous people even

after leaving the CEO post in Microsoft

gates also own a 47 share in four

seasons hotel.

Number three Elon Musk 186.1

billion dollars.

Elon Musk is a name that is highly

familiar to many of us

be it the EV industry crypto market or

the space research project sector he is

primarily considered an influential

personality with excellent ideas.

He wields extraordinary power in

the crypto universe and has a say in

the industry which can be seen from the

Dogecoin growth was caused due to his tweets

Tesla stocks are one of the most

exciting conversations that most stock

enthusiasts and investors are

essentially discussing.

The startup has managed to cross the

limits to arise as an innovative


Elon musk was labeled as the wealthiest

person in 2021 January after his shares

rose and withstood the volatile market

the impressive billionaire is also the

founder of SpaceX which has a whopping

the market capitalization of 100 billion


Musk dreams of normalizing travel to

mars by 2026.

recently tesla’s market capitalization

crossed the, 648.38 billion dollar benchmark.

It’s pretty impressive how Elon managed

to perform this well from the ground

level through all these years.

Number 2 Jeff Bezos

190.7 billion dollars.

Amazon is another great platform that

has made our lives a lot easier and

relaxed we can buy almost anything of

our interest including household items

clothing and groceries Jeff Bezos is the

CEO of this successfully running company

amazon have you heard about the blue

origin space exploration firm the

an interesting fact is Jeff is the founder

of this sensational endeavor starting as

the young vice president at D E Shaw.

he quit his elegant post to begin his dream

project amazon.

The decision turned out to be the best

a thing in the billionaire’s life

amazon crossed many hurdles to emerge as

one of the best platforms the world has

ever seen.

He maintained the first position on the

richest people’s list for quite some

time until recently in amazon’s initial public

offering given out back in 1997 the firm made a

jaw-dropping 54 million dollars bagging

him the title of a millionaire.

In 1999 Jeff managed to make it to the

prestigious Forbes world’s billionaires

list with an estimated net worth of 10.1

billion dollars.

In 2014 the billionaire was said to be

working to develop a smartphone and this

exclusive news accelerated the business

which led to a surge in his income.

It’s pretty incredible that a rich man’s

wealth relies on whatever he does and

whatever news spreads across the globe

even though most of this news is proved

to be baseless and absurd rumors don’t

you guys find it ridiculous later.

So once the confusion about the

smartphone production settled down he

embarked on the Forbes list of top 10

wealthiest people in 2014 as his net

worth rose to a mind-blowing 50.3

billion dollars.

In 2016 his worth was 66.5 billion

dollars making him the fourth wealthiest

right after the investor Warren Buffett

he surpassed the infamous bill gates in

2017 to become the world’s richest

person in the following year

when the actual net worth of 2017 was

taken he had 72.8 billion dollars he

managed to gain 112 billion dollars in

2018 to surpass the business tycoon

Warren Buffett to grab the third

position in the top ten list.

In 2021 Elon musk took over Jeff Bezos

who maintained his first position for

three consecutive years.

Now Bernard Morneau and his family took

over Jeff and remained as the first on

the list,

number one Bernard Arno and

family 200.5 billion dollars.

Bernard Arneau is a french billionaire

who is the chief executive of the classy

luxurious goods brand.

he possesses about 70 renowned elegant

labels comprising Sephora and Louis

Vuitton in the series.

In 2018 he got named the richest man in

the fashion realm in 2019 he signed an

excellent deal and acquired the American

jewelry tiffany cove for 3.2 billion


and the pact proved to be the ultimate

the game-changer in the billionaire’s life

the market capitalization of lvmh is

358.695 dollars.

Last December he earned a 100 billion

dollar fortune according to the information

Bernard invested in Birkenstock’s shares

sometime back at the beginning of 2021

the billionaire who acquires a broad

the span of luxury brands including

Christian Dior collaborates with the

German footwork company Birkenstock.


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