Valentines is around the corner!

OK so with Valentines day coming up, i hope everyone who chose to celebrate it have fun, and for those who don’t still enjoy their day! last year for my husband and i we went on our valentines date the day after because he had to work! we went to see the Harley Quinn movie and went to cheesecake factory for dinner. last year was fun, and I can’t wait for this years valentines day date, sure it falls on Sunday, but because our church doesn’t  have evening services, we will be able to go on one the day of! until the first year Jeremy and I began dating, I had zero luck with guys and dates and such, not that i could not get a date is  or boyfriends, it was just most of the guys i ended up being interested in ended up being jerks and almost all of them ended up breaking me and my heart right around February so valentines day sucked because of either that or I was Single for the most part while most to all my friends had boyfriends while I didn’t  and for the longest time I did not care for the holiday! it wasn’t  until Jeremy came into my life that I began to like the holiday again for the first time in a long time.


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