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hey guys here’s how I got an extra three hundred thousand unique visitors to one of my websites for free I’m gonna walk you through the exact process step by step so you might be able to emulate that and get some similar results for yourself so let’s go check out the traffic source before we do that let me run you through the stats in similar web
so you can see how powerful this traffic source is so here we are in similar web we can see that the global rank is an impressive nine thousand country rank is USA u 1700 go down to traffic overview here you can see then it gets a mammoth five point nine four million visits a
month almost six million visits every
single month in fact if we have a look
over the last few months we can see it’s
reached over seven million 6 million
slipped down slightly in the last month
or so but it is gonna bounce back and do
you know what I wouldn’t be surprised if
it gets more than seven million in their
coming months ahead self traffic by
countries United States eighty seven
percent of the traffic comes from the
United States this is one of the biggest
traffic sources for USA traffic and then
Canada India UK and Netherlands all make
an appearance in the top five positions
too so this is incredibly profitable
traffic so desirable it makes sense
especially if you want Western traffic
this is one of the best traffic sources
that you can hope to find I’m going to
show you how to use it it’s very simple
traffic sources eighty five percent
I’m from search 4% from social let’s go
down to that search traffic so 99% is
organic no point 15% paid social traffic
that’s 4% so we’ve got Facebook YouTube
Twitter reddit and Netvibes
all making an appearance here so let’s
go check out the website I know you’ll
be thrilled to use this because it’s so
simple to use so if we go to the website
it is called FERC dot-com we’ve
mentioned this a long time ago but I’ve
had more recent results with this I got
three hundred thousand visitors to my
website from this site so that’s why I’m
sharing it with you again today so just
refresh the page there and here you can
see straight away we’ve got submit a
link so it wants you to contribute
content immediately but there’s a
process to doing it let me walk you
through the process first we’ve got a
few options here so at the top we have
FAQ total FERC and total FERC is a paid
membership area I believe this site has
got around half a million members which
is crazy high so we’ve got my FAQ which
is your section and then we have the FAQ
about contests store contact us mobile
underneath the main section we have
discussion sports business geek
entertainment Oh d’Or for politics
podcast so there’s a very specific way
to get published on this site because it
gets around 2000 submissions a day I
think I think that’s what they claimed
two thousand submissions a day so you
want to make your contributions stand
out head and shoulders above everyone
else I’ll walk you through the process
that I have used in fact FERC itself
tells you how to get published on this
platform so
let’s have a look at the the submitting
links section so it says fat comm the
website is a news aggregator and an
edited social networking news site every
day firk receives 2,000 or so new
submissions from its readership from
which our crack staff handpick the funny
and weird notable news and not news of
the day so pay attention to this the
funny and weird
notable news and not news so it says if
you want to submit a link click on that
link there and then it tells you how to
increase the chances of your submission
being posted on fact listen if you get
to the front page of faq if your link is
greenlit it will flood your site with
crazy levels of traffic so in my
experience mice the first time that I
achieved front-page position on fact the
site went down I had to contact my web
host they added extra resources for that
time period I did have to spend a little
bit extra on hosting but it was so much
worth it because the amount of revenue I
made from that traffic was phenomenal
and I’ve managed to get multiple front
page positions on FAQ that those links
that have submitted have been greenlit
in the past some afferent but you only
need a handful to do amazingly well
confer so let’s go through the
submission process is before submitting
please take a minute to review our
posting guidelines and our legal privacy
policy by submitting you agree to these
terms okay that’s pretty dry stuff the
posting rules are actually here on a
separate page do take the time to read
them it’s really important that you do
but it is pre bog standard stuff so no
trolling harassment hates hates be
throat jacking not-safe-for-work content
illegal stuff all that so do you say it
sounds go through that but but pay
attention because it says if you found
the link on another site or weblog
credit the source by putting its name in
in the or box submission page let me
show you what that means so if we click
submit a link it says link submission
thingy and there you can log in or
create an account if you don’t have one
yet let me just walk you through that a
second because in my experience with
running profit copilot creating these
videos and podcasts there’s always
someone who doesn’t understand how to
submit on a site that requires a login
so it’s really simple let’s open that in
a new tab so you can see for yourself
so it says new user creation thingy and
look at that you just put in your email
address you create a login username
decide on a password actually tells you
what to do and you bio if you want to
you can add a picture you can subscribe
to the newsletter it’s very simple stuff
so if you’re not sure on how to create a
user account and there are some of you
who have trouble with this stuff just
read what it says on the screen just
follow the on-screen instructions and
you’ll be okay let’s go back to the link
submission thingy so it’s really simple
you just put in your username your
password you category so here we have ad
plug business contests da so the
discussion and statement fact party
publicity food geek news politics sports
topic advice sort of fact discussion so
you put in the URL there it will check
the link add you tagline this is really
important your tagline is vital to
success in fact it needs to be funny it
needs to stand out it needs to have some
kind of emotional trigger to really get
the maximum results and increase your
chances of being green
on the platform so think about your
tagline really this is really the time
for your copywriting prowess to come
forward so give that some time some real
serious thought topic here you can
assign essentially what these are almost
like tags or sections to the
contribution so you can say if it’s cool
if you think it’s cool you can add that
if you think it’s interesting at the
interesting tag if you think it’s ironic
live miscellaneous news newsflash loads
of options to choose from there so
choose the right topic and then source
you can leave that as default if your
website isn’t widely known so if it’s a
smaller website you might want to just
leave that as some guy or if you have a
recognizable brand that would be where
you put in the source you actually name
your website thankfully I’ve tried both
ways and it doesn’t really matter if has
the logo for your site so if you do have
a brand and I’ve used this with
recognizable brands then it does pull in
that logo which increases the
click-through rate because it’s
recognizable logo but if you don’t have
that brand don’t worry about it just
focus on your tagline make it funny or
interesting or weird and then click
preview and then farc it and then that
will go to the editors so in my
experience I have got lots and lots of
traffic using this platform but it is
just one traffic source and to really
grow a profitable and popular website
that makes money on the internet we need
the right traffic strategy I’m going to
give you that traffic strategy it’s the
mother of all traffic methods when you
go to profit copilot calm slash traffic
grab that for free won’t cost you a
penny and if you found this useful give
it a thumbs up below subscribe to the
channel to hit that
notification bell and you will never
miss an update for me and I will
hopefully see you again in a couple of
days time take care


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