What is “Information Technology”

what is information technology IT or
information technology refers to the
development maintenance and use of
computer software hardware and networks
it includes their use for the processing
and distribution of data data refers to
information facts statistics gathered
together for reference storage or
analysis software includes all the
computer programs within a computer
computers cannot work without software
hardware in this context refers to the
physical components of a computer system
the screen mouse and motherboard for
example are hardware items information
technology is commonly used as a synonym
for computers and computer networks but
it also encompasses other information
distribution technologies such as
television and telephones many different
products or services within an economy
are associated with information
technology what is the difference
between information technology and
computer science computer science
focuses on efficiently programming
computers computer scientists use
mathematical algorithms they study
theoretical algorithms and the practical
problems that exist in implementing them
through computer software and hardware
AI computer graphics and programming are
subfield of computer science software
engineering is also part of computer
science information technology on the
other hand involves installing
organizing and maintaining computer
systems it also includes designing and
operating databases and networks thank
you for watching this markets business
news video on information technology


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