WWE is an international  combat sports entertainment wrestling

In this  show, the wrestlers fight against each other  there also some levels this show for example;

Steel cage match:

In this match, two fighters step into a cage
The only way to win is to escape the cage or pin or submit your opponent. There are also no disqualifications.

Royal Rumble match;

In this match, two fighters start the match. Every man is from himself in this match. 30 men enter this match after every 5 minutes. One fighter should eliminate the other to survive. The last man standing in the ring is declared as the winner.

Elimination Chamber;

This is also a cage match but this cage is six-sided there are four chambers in this cage. Two fighters start this match. There are 6 men in this chamber. Every chamber opens after 5 minutes. The only way to survive is to pin or submit the other 5 fighters.

There are also some events in WWE. Some of them are mentioned below;

  1. Wrestlemania
    2. Money in the Bank
    3. Fastlane
    4. Survivor Series
    5. Battleground

Although, it is a worldwide trending show.
It is the highest-earning industry in Europe.
It is called sports entertainment because its fights are totally scripted but still lots of people love and watch this show regularly.



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